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Did you know that here at the Tuscaloosa SAFE Center we not only provide support to survivors of sexual violence, but we also work to provide education and understanding on this very difficult topic?

Examples Include: 

  • SANE/ SAFE Program Training

  • Law Enforcement Training

  • Nursing Student Education 

  • Faculty/ Staff Training

  • Community Organization Training

  • Student Organization Training 

  • Consent Training 

  • Healthy Relationships Training

  • Advocacy Training

  • And Many Others!

Interested in learning more or having someone come speak with your organization/ group? Use the contact information below or submit a form!

Get in Touch

1601 University Blvd. E. Ste 150 

Tyler@TuscaloosaSafeCenter.com  /  Tel. 205-860-7233

Thanks for submitting!

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